Tādāsana(Samasthiti)…Tada … mountain, Somerset … upright, straight, it is meaning of name. Tadaasana is a pause that stand like a mountain. This becomes the basis of standing pose.

1.Stand straight and align the foot. Thumb of both feet, also wear a heel of both feet. The toes put all on the floor.

2.It stretches the thighs of the inner muscle. It is pulled up while relaxing the knee. Ass tighten.

3.Stomach retracted. It stretches the spine to the top. And straighten the neck.

4.Weight bet equally on the heel and fingertips. Hands down next to the thighs.

5.Unplug the power of the shoulder while exhaling. To extend long spine while inhale. Slowly close eyes.

6.keep this pose about 30 seconds while breathing.

Effect: Improvement of posture. Thighs also, knee, strengthening of the ankle. Abdomen, tighten the ass. Also you stare at their inner surface. Spirit stabilize. Improvement of the sense of balance. And it makes a stable foot.

Caution: Please don’t take this pose when it is difficult to stand, headache, insomnia, low blood pressure.

6 thoughts on “Tādāsana

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